Fire Claims – Tips for Filing an Insurance Claim


After encountering the fireplace, the homeowner will file a claim for property damage so that they can pack their luggage and begin reconstruction. Fires are devastating, and sometimes homeowners make costly mistakes during and after resolving fire claims. Most people will let fireplace claim adjusters investigate their property and make claims, but often miss something in the initial claim. One thing to note is that after the insurance company sends you a check and closes the furnace claim, the homeowner has 3 years to respond to the current closed claim. If the assessment of damage is found to be incorrect, this operation will be performed. To help you confirm that you just got a proper settlement for the fire claim, here are some tips to help you.

Record damage to your house and other buildings:

Take the time to inspect and record all damage yourself. If the house is not completely lost, please confirm that you are only taking photos of the damaged room. Try an overview and some close-up photos. Before you enter the space, hall or closet, please summarize. This can help you organize the pictures and which room the pictures belong to. For example, in the front room, make a summary, then the walls, ceiling, door, and floor from top to bottom.

Document damage to your contents

The next step is to return to each room and enter the closet to inventory your items. For all damaged things, including clothes, shoes, furniture, paintings, etc. damaged by the furnace, please make sure to point out the damage on the image. Yes, this usually requires a lot of images to be taken, but everything must be recorded to urge proper resolution. Inventory all damaged content. Once you list the damaged items and let the photos be transferred to another store in the space, to ensure that you have not missed any items at all. Make a list of each room and attach photos.

Review your policy

Yes, insurance policies are difficult to know, but before filing a fire claim, you should take the time to review your insurance policy basics, such as the proportion of your house, the proportion of personal property and how much will the policy make You stay in the hotel.

Once you make a fire claim, the furnace regulator will cover the location of the furnace and start their own claim. Don’t give them the first photo and inventory claim form, but give them a copy. This can help them speed up their claims.

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